Bridges to Career Opportunities

The Bridges to Career Opportunities Initiative connects underemployed or under-trained workers to trainings that prepare them for careers with livable wages and opportunities for upward mobility.

The Issue

Most of the families that CSL assists, have some earned income through employment. The problem is that so many workers are under-skilled and/or under-trained. They do not possess the skills to obtain employment in sectors that offer livable wages, benefits, and upward advancement opportunities. The prospect of "going back to school" is very difficult for low-income families, as most can't afford the trainings needed, and don't have the luxury of leaving their current job for several weeks to pursue a new career.

The Solutions

Workers need to be connected with free trainings that can yield a new career path within a short amount of time. During the training, they need wrap-around family supports that creates a supportive environment for career transition.

Our Initiative

CSL's BCO (Bridges to Career Opportunities) work is modeled by our program delivery partner, LISC. We base our work on these tenets:


- we seek to connect workers to in-demand sectors like healthcare, information technology, logistics, etc.

- we want to offer IRCs (Industry-Recognized Credentials) that are portable

- we further desire IRCs that offer career-laddering, meaning that a worker can entire at a base level, then move up in the sector with additional trainings and certifications

- we seek jobs that offer livable wages and benefits


BCO is interviewing for its sixth and seventh training cohorts. Here are the results of our first five:

Summer 2016 - graduated 14 health care professionals with CNA certificates
Summer 2017 - graduated seven welders with MIG welding and/or OSHA certificates

Spring 2018 - graduated 10 health care professionals with CNA certificates

Summer 2018 - graduated 14 health care professionals with CNA certificates
January 2019 - graduated 14 health care professionals with CNA certificates
March 2019 - cohort of eight welders started
April 2019 - cohort of 15 CNA trainees started

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