Education...a way out of poverty

Next week is an exciting time in our family's life because our oldest son heads to kindergarten. In preparing for this exciting journey, my wife and I are becoming increasingly aware of the high costs of education, and that is magnified as we look into the future and see 12 years of public school, and hopefully four or more years of college or other higher education. The elementary school our son will attend has about 85% of its students that qualify for free or reduced lunches, indicating that many families are forced to choose between school supplies, food, and other basic necessities. I find myself wondering about these families that are struggling economically and possibly living their

Meet Josh, one of our newest staff members

Josh is one of our newest staff members - you'll find him in the Noland Road warehouse unloading shipments, processing donations, coordinating drop-offs, and optimizing storage. Josh's employment at CSL is a direct result of his personal determination to make a better life for himself; which, you won't be surprised to hear, started at a meeting with one of CSL's Career Coaches, Diana Eakright. Josh met Diana through a referral from one of our community partners, Vocational Rehabilitation. Josh came to CSL at a critical point in his life: after experiencing some difficulties with housing and financial stability, he finally had the support he needed to begin actively job searching again. With

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