Providing Alternatives to Toxic Loans

Many of us can thank credit for benefits we enjoy in life. Credit has allowed us to buy houses, finance education, purchase goods and services, or make it through an emergency situation. For me personally, access to (relatively) cheap credit has helped me achieve milestones in my life. It helped fund my education at the University of Missouri, which led to buying a car through credit from Commerce Bank, and helped transport me to my first job 12 years ago. Not long after that, credit helped me buy an engagement ring for my wife, and then we used our joint credit to buy our first house in Independence. For me, getting started on my adult life was largely financed by good credit. Unfortunately

Meet Jane, who is breaking the toxic lending cycle

Jane has been a CSL client for nearly four years. She and her family were first referred to CSL through a Family School Liaison at the Independence School District, at a time when both she and her two daughters were homeless. Shortly after arriving at CSL, our team learned that due to a mental health disability, Jane and her family qualified for our Permanent Supportive Housing Program. Thanks to the support of CSL paying their monthly rent, Jane and her two daughters have been comfortably housed for the last three years allowing them to focus on strengthening their family and their finances. As is the case with many families struggling to climb out of poverty, Jane had a title loan on h

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