Education: A Pathway Out of Poverty

Over the years, I have often quoted the book Toxic Charity by Dr. Robert Lupton, which has become a manual of sorts for our industry. In the book, he states, "We cannot serve others out of poverty." He goes on for the entire book talking about how we must develop people to the point they can lift themselves out of poverty. In my opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with serving people, and serving them at high levels. But, and this is Dr. Lupton's point, personal development that gives capacity for growth is what will lift poor families out of poverty and towards self-sufficiency. Skill development and education are really the critical tools individuals need to improve their circumst

Stewardship Capital: Giving Back Brings Fulfillment

Community Services League is proud to partner with Stewardship Capital for the second consecutive year as the Presenting Sponsor of Ooh! Stewardship Capital and its employees are steadfast champions of philanthropy in Eastern Jackson County, and great supporters of the work we do for our neighbors in poverty. When Ron Finke started the firm in 1997, he believed that by helping clients succeed financially, they would have greater resources – including time and money – to invest in improving the lives of others. Through the years, he has never wavered from this goal. Not only does Stewardship Capital help its clients, but as a company they practice generosity every day by donating 10% of all

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