August 3, 2018

This blog post is a follow-up to a post I first wrote two years ago. I want to keep you apprised of our work that provides alternative loans to families that would otherwise turn to toxic lending operations.

I still don’t care for payday lenders, as you can tell through my tone in my September 2016 blog post. However, my rhetoric has softened (just a little), and I’ve focused my attention on the lack of short-term credit options in America.

When it comes down to it, if a bank charged me 2.49%, which is what I pay on my car loan, for a $500 short-term loan, they couldn’t make enough interest to cover their expenses and overhead. Payday lenders, who charge APRs of 200% upwards of $1,000%, set rates that allow them to absorb the risk of giving out loans with virtually no screening, and anticipating a high charge-off rate.

As we’ve reported to you, we built an alternative lending program in 2014 with Holy Rosary Credit Union. We lessen the credit union’s exposure by mitigating losses th...

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