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Blue Springs CARES Act Assistance Program

A special CARES Act assistance program may be able to help you with past due rent, mortgage, and/or utility bills. See below for eligibility and application details.

Program Details

Who is eligible for this assistance program?

To receive assistance under this CARES Act program, you must: 1) be a resident living in the legal city limits of the City of Blue Springs; 2) have past due bills that you cannot pay due to financial hardship caused by the COVID-19 crisis

What past due bills are eligible for assistance payment?
Funds can be used to cover past due bills between March 1 and December 30, 2020. Utility bills for electricity, water, sewer, and gas are eligible for payment assistance, as well as rent or mortgage bills. Other bills, like cable, cell phone, and internet are not eligible for this program. This program can not provide assistance for commercial (business) operations. Rent and utility assistance is only provided for residential properties.

Who is determining what is eligible for payment? 
The federal government provided funds for this program as part of the CARES Act, which included guidelines for how money can be used. Locally, Jackson County allocated federal CARES Act funding to cities. The City of Blue Springs established this assistance program with a portion of those funds, working with Community Services League to process requests.

How would I receive assistance dollars?
Payments are made directly to utility companies or landlord/mortgage company on your behalf and applied to the balance on your account. No payments will be made to individuals. We are working to process applications as quickly as possible, but it may take up to four weeks for the process to be completed.

How do I apply for assistance?
If you have not applied previously for Missouri LIHEAP we ask that you file that application first, as you may be eligible for assistance not covered by CARES Act program.

To apply, please come to our office at 200 Southwest 10th Street, Blue Springs, MO 64015, and bring the following documents:

- Some CARES Act Assistance may require photo identification (government-issued) for all adults in your household and Social Security cards for all residents of your household

- If you do not have photo identification and/or Social Security cards, you are still eligible to apply for assistance, and are encouraged to come to our office

- Documentation of your income for last 30 days (paystubs, SSI/SSDI award notifications, alimony, child support, etc.)

- Copies of your delinquent bills

Our hours of operation are Monday-Thursday, 9a-Noon and 1p-4p, and Fridays, 9a-Noon. You are welcome to call us at 816-229-0033 and make an appointment. We will begin processing applications on Monday, October 12. In compliance with local orders, you must wear a mask in our office that fully covers your mouth and nose.

Only one member of the household may be in our office at any time, unless a second adult is needed to verify information.

CSL is committed to helping special populations. Please call our office at 816-229-0033 if you need special accommodations. We can provide translation services in Spanish, and we will do our best to accommodate other translation requests, including for those who are hearing- or vision-impaired.