Tamonia, A CSL Client
Tamonia, A CSL Client

Patricia, A CSL Client
Patricia, A CSL Client

Sheera, A CSL Client
Sheera, A CSL Client

Tamonia, A CSL Client
Tamonia, A CSL Client


Our Purpose (Why we're here)
To make meaningful and lasting change in people's lives

Our Mission (What we do every day)
To assist communities in reaching their potential by providing immediate relief to people in need, assessing their situations, and providing solutions that lead to economic stability.

Our Vision for the Future (The ideal state we seek)

Communities where all people have resources to meet basic needs, attain meaningful work, and have a place to call home.

The Income Supports Program seeks to connect families to public and private supports.

Employment Specialists work with clients to facilitate the transition from under-employment and joblessness to stable and satisfying work.

Families facing eviction, foreclosure, or utility shut-off will be provided counseling, and may receive financial assistance to help stabilize their situation.

The Financial Coaching Program works to increase household income, increase credit scores, and increase net worth.

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New Skills.

New Career.

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15 Locations to Help Families in Kansas City!


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