CSL Scholars


The CSL Scholars Initiative is helping our community rethink how low-income high school graduates access and fund traditional college education

The Issue

Low-income students are just as bright and as accomplished as other students, but because of their economic means, they face many barriers to getting into traditional college education. In addition to financial barriers, low-income students oftentimes do not have mentors in their lives that can encourage and push them towards a college or university. Additionally, families can sabotage their child's future ambitions by asking questions like, "what will we do without you here?," or "the money you make at your job helps pay the bills," or "college is only for rich kids," or "you're going to grow up, move away, and forget about us."

Additionally, because low-income students often receive no financial support from home, they spend their senior year of high school waiting for grants and scholarships to come through. If there are delays, they may miss key enrollment deadlines, and their plans might be derailed completely.

The Solutions

Low-income students need heavy mentoring and support to push past the barriers to entering traditional college. They need to be surrounded with financial support, and positive mentors, to achieve their dreams. Helping a student achieve this type of higher education can permanently break cycles of poverty.

Our Initiative

CSL is partnering with, and leveraging the resources of KC Scholars to help ensure more low-income students from Eastern Jackson County high schools will follow their dreams to higher education. Through KC Scholars' named scholarship program, CSL is leveraging this regional initiative, and making sure our area is at the forefront of promoting higher education.


Donors that commit $2,500/year, for five years ($12,500 total investment), will have their gift matched 3:1 ($37,500 total), and will create a new $50,000 scholarship that will fund a student for five years at one of 17 local four-year institutions.


The scholarship application and award process is administered solely through KC Scholars. Visit their website to learn more about their methodology.


CSL Scholars had its first four scholarship recipients announced in May 2018. The recipients received their award at the end of their junior year of high school. CSL and other partners will work to support the student and his/her family, over the course of the student's senior year to prepare them for college. Under the CSL Scholars umbrella, the following awards exist:

CSL Scholarship (any EJC high school) - awarded to Roberto Arcia at Van Horn High School

John and Nancy Kimak Scholarships (two scholarships for students at Fort Osage, Truman, Van Horn, or William Chrisman High Schools who participate in the Truman Heartland Community Foundation Youth Advisory Council) - awarded to Litzy Alvarado and Bryanna Counts, both students at Van Horn High School

POAH (Preservation of Affordable Housing) Scholarship (scholarship for a student residing at Hawthorne Place Apartments) - awarded to Adorable "Dorie" Hemphill, who is attending the University of Missouri

Land-Drigalla Memorial Scholarships (awarded to William Chrisman students) - to be awarded in Spring 2019. The Land-Drigalla Memorial Scholarships are supported by these named donors:

Nola & David Soper

Sarah & Garland Land

Rainbow Scholarship - to be awarded in Spring 2019

Anonymous Scholarship (awarded to a William Chrisman student) - to be awarded in Spring 2019

Hathhorn Scholarships (six scholarships to be awarded to students in CSL's traditional Eastern Jackson County service area) - to be awarded in Spring 2019

Barb & Dave Christianson Scholarship - to be awarded in Spring 2019

Continental Siding Scholarship - (awarded to a Truman High School student) to be awarded in Spring 2019

WdS Educational Foundation Scholarships - three scholarships to be awarded in Spring 2019

Make a Gift!

There are several ways you can support this work:

1) Fund a named scholarship (investment is $2,500/year for five years). Simply fill out your CSL Scholars Investment Form, and KC Scholars Selection Form, and return those to isabelc@cslcares.org. Our team will follow up with you immediately to discuss your intentions.


2) Make a one-time gift to fund our CSL Scholars Endowment. This endowment fund will help support awards in perpetuity.


3) Make a one-time gift to fund current CSL Scholars awards. Your dollars will be pooled with other donors to support current and future awards.

We look forward to growing the number of donors will support this work in years to come! Please contact Cindy Isabel at isabelc@cslcares.org or (816) 491-2011 if you are interested in learning more about CSL Scholars.

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