Financial Coaching

CSL's Financial Coaching Program pairs people with a one-on-one Financial Coach to help them set goals and achieve them! We oftentimes work on the following goals:

Income – by coordinating support through Income Supports and Employment Services, we seek to improve household income. We also achieve this by working with clients to reduce household expenses.

Net Worth – Typical engagement with a Financial Coach is at least 18 months, and ideal enrollment is five years. We work with clients to set goals around reducing debts and building assets to increase household net worth.

Credit Scores – access to credit helps people take control of their own dreams. We run credit scores twice a year, and set goals around activities that increase credit.

Combined Financial Assessment – allows us to get people a complete picture of their financial situation. Only when we have a complete picture, can we start to set goals.

Navigating the "Benefits Cliff" – individuals receiving public or private benefits will be counseled on how to manage earned income with benefits. We want to make sure that families make smart decisions about their income.

Loans – with partnerships through Next Step KC and Holy Rosary Credit Union, a Financial Coach can refer you to a smart loan. Loans provide access to important funding at reasonable rates, and help you build good credit! (CSL does not make any money from loans; all loan decisions are finalized through Next Step KC and Holy Rosary Credit Union)

Classes - every Wednesday at CSL's Noland Road office, at 1:00 p.m., staff teach "How to Live on a Small Income," a class that discusses good ways to stretch your dollars and connects you to community resources. Sign up for a class today!

Tax Preparation - in the Spring, CSL's Noland Road office is a local VITA tax preparation site. Individuals earning less than $60,000 annually can have their taxes done for free. Appointments can be made by email.

Contact a Financial Coach!

Rachel Barker
Vice President - Financial Coaching
(816) 254-4101

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Kristian Brennon
Financial Coach

(816) 912-4496

Jeff Sheets
Sr. Financial Coach,
Hawthorne Place Apartments
(816) 491-2869

Claudia Alarcon
Financial Coach

(816) 491-2870