Meet Josh, one of our newest staff members

Josh is one of our newest staff members - you'll find him in the Noland Road warehouse unloading shipments, processing donations, coordinating drop-offs, and optimizing storage.

Josh's employment at CSL is a direct result of his personal determination to make a better life for himself; which, you won't be surprised to hear, started at a meeting with one of CSL's Career Coaches, Diana Eakright.

Josh met Diana through a referral from one of our community partners, Vocational Rehabilitation. Josh came to CSL at a critical point in his life: after experiencing some difficulties with housing and financial stability, he finally had the support he needed to begin actively job searching again. With Diana's encouragement, Josh hit the ground running. He attended career-readiness workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions, and interview skills seminars. He had a particular interest in building upon his warehouse management skills, and was looking for a positive work environment that would support his learning process and provide him with the know-how to one day move into a managerial position. Call it serendipity that the CSL warehouse was undergoing some leadership changes, and a position opened up just as Josh was finishing up his job skills education with Diana.

Josh was the first person to apply for the newly available position, and Diana was thrilled to hear that he hit his interview out of the park! Josh was ready to learn, collaborate, and grow - three characteristics the CSL warehouse team was looking for in a new member. Josh brings a great sense of self-awareness and willingness to work together to the CSL team. He's a hard worker with connections to our clientele and a true investment in his and others' economic stability. He is a great mentor to our younger warehouse staff members, and an effective asset to our broader mission.

Next time you see Diana, mention how great you've heard Josh is doing - the look on her face will be one of true pride, a testament to the commitment all of our client-facing staff have to our community's success.

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