Stewardship Capital: Giving Back Brings Fulfillment

Community Services League is proud to partner with Stewardship Capital for the second consecutive year as the Presenting Sponsor of Ooh! Stewardship Capital and its employees are steadfast champions of philanthropy in Eastern Jackson County, and great supporters of the work we do for our neighbors in poverty.

When Ron Finke started the firm in 1997, he believed that by helping clients succeed financially, they would have greater resources – including time and money – to invest in improving the lives of others. Through the years, he has never wavered from this goal. Not only does Stewardship Capital help its clients, but as a company they practice generosity every day by donating 10% of all management fees to local nonprofits, and by encouraging employees to volunteer!

Through the years, Stewardship Capital has partnered with dozens of agencies, and received a number of accolades for their community investment. They even dedicate a page on their website to charitable causes. Ron shares, “As a country, we are seeing a resurgence, particularly among millennials, of doing business with socially-conscious companies. Businesses subscribing to this form of ‘conscientious capitalism’ focus on doing the right thing both for employees and the consumer. This viewpoint is something I can certainly relate to. In fact, our vision, in a nutshell, is to produce a stronger, healthier community through both the services we provide and the organizations we support.” All associates of Stewardship Capital believe that being generous with time and treasure requires intentionality and pure motives. They also believe that their corporate vision will result in stronger families and stable economic growth. “Each time we help a client make a wise financial choice, we believe our community takes one step closer to becoming the community of our dreams,” he says. To Ron Finke and the Stewardship Capital team, we thank you for investing in Community Services League and our local community! We appreciate your commitment to generosity. You make the difference in our important work!

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