Our Purpose (Why we're here)
To make meaningful and lasting change in people's lives.

Our Mission (What we do every day)
To assist communities in reaching their potential by providing immediate relief to people in need, assessing their situations, and providing solutions that lead to economic stability.

Our Vision for the Future (The ideal state we seek)

Communities where all people have resources to meet basic needs, attain meaningful work, and have a place to call home.

How We Make Meaningful and Lasting Change in People's Lives

CSL makes meaningful and lasting change in lives by using an Integrated Service Delivery Model (ISDM). Our clients have multiple needs in many life domains, and all of CSL’s existing programs/services will roll up to support this work. These four principles of the ISDM define our work and engagement strategy:

Coaching – this gives our clients two very important intangible items: choice and power. The coaching model seeks to move from case managers as problem-solvers to coaches that empower clients to take control of their lives and walk beside them to help reach goals.

Bundled services – intentional integration of our services is critical to meeting our mission. Very few clients are single-issue; most need help in many life domains. We must be very intentional in our client flow and how we communicate about CSL to show “what it means to be a CSL client.”

Retention/engagement – training coaches to engage clients in the process and using techniques to retain their involvement are paramount to programmatic success.

Data – These data points allow CSL to truly track the status of a client’s financial health, and make determinations of how well we are meeting our mission and vision. Data will track a family’s movement away from economic poverty conditions. Furthermore, these data points align with the Financial Opportunity Center’s national data benchmarks.

How We Track Meaningful and Lasting Change

CSL has three major accountabilities that tell us if we are being successful in our approach:

1) Increase net household income

2) Improve self-sufficiency and health and well-being

3) Improve long-term stability through increased net worth and improved credit scores