A History of Changing Futures.

To assist communities in reaching their potential by providing immediate relief to people in need, assessing their situations, and providing solutions that lead to economic stability.

Our Vision

CSL’s vision guides every aspect of its business by describing what it needs to accomplish in order to provide sustainable quality services that help individuals and communities reach their potential by lifting people to economic stability.

The Emergency Assistance Program seeks to stabilize a family's situation. Only after a situation is stabilized can a family begin to move forward.

Career Coaches work with clients to facilitate the transition from under-employment and joblessness to stable and satisfying work.

Families facing eviction, foreclosure, or utility shut-off will be provided counseling, and may receive financial assistance to help stabilize their situation.

Financial Opportunity Center

The Financial Opportunity Center works to increase household income, increase credit scores, and increase net worth.

Community Partners: