Income Supports

CSL's Income Supports Program seeks to improve household income by connecting people to public and private support programs. At CSL, we support income with the following:

Public Benefits Counseling - counselors will review your current benefits status and guide you through applications

Nutrition – families are helped with food items that provide a targeted amount of nutritional support. Typically, three to five days' worth of support is provided, based on the case. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


Medical – through our partnership with Kansas City's Medicine Cabinet, non-emergency medical support (prescription medicine, eyeglasses, hearing aids, etc.) can be provided to qualified applicants.


Rent/Mortgage – families facing eviction or foreclosure can be assisted with rent or mortgage payments (when funds are available).


Utilities – families facing utility shut-off can be assisted with utility payments (when funds are available).


Identification – individuals can be assisted in obtaining birth certificates or other identification.


Clothing/Personal Needs – neighbors seeking nutritional support can also shop for clothing or personal hygiene items as they are available.



School Supplies/Tennis Shoes – in August, qualifying families can receive assistance with school supplies, tennis shoes, and other school-related resources.


Christmas – in December, qualifying families can receive assistance with children's Christmas presents, Christmas decorations, and a Christmas meal.


Not all services are provided at all CSL locations, and most services are dependant on the availability of funds. To see if you are eligible for assistance, click here, or call or visit the location in your community.